Welcome to Datasource

This website is designed to meet the needs of real estate appraisers, title insurance companies, realtors, investors and other real property professionals who need very current information pertaining to real estate.

Comparable Sales Information

This website provides recent sales information primarily for real estate appraisers, realtors, investors and title company personnel who need the most current sales information available on properties located within Washoe, Carson City, Douglas, Lyon and Storey Counties, Nevada. The "comparable sales database" is based upon our review of documents recorded in the County Recorders' offices and is updated daily. This means that if a transaction was recorded yesterday, it is posted to our website today; subject, however, to availability of document images by the various county recorders. We post all FOR VALUE sales and/or conveyances that are recorded, regardless of who requested the recording. All questionable sales types can be filtered out by the user in the query section of this website.

In addition to returning comparable sales prices, our queries also provide the user with the high, low, average and median sales prices for the queried area, as well as the number of sales transactions for the area.

Title Company Statistical Information

This website also provides title company statistical information for the title insurance industry and provides management and marketing personnel essential up to date title company market statistics within the Carson City, Douglas, Lyon and Washoe County, Nevada marketing areas. This area of the site also includes information that is useful to title company customer service personnel as well as title searchers/examiners and title and escrow officers.


In addition to the above, this website also provides real estate investors complete information about distressed properties that are either in default or going to sale. Not only can the investor review information about these properties, but he or she can also review current comparable sales information to aid in determining the approximate market value of properties in default or going to sale.